Wedding Gift Crates, a 3-Gift Set


Three gifts in one! A Wedding Gift Crate for the loving couple, a Self-Care Sweetheart Crate one month after the wedding, and an Anniversary Crate that arrives perfectly timed as the couple celebrate their first year together.

Discovering each other at the start of your lifelong adventure is what this gift box set is all about. Learning, growing, and becoming a team to take on the world together! Imagine the newlywed’s delight when they open the box and see the next adventure that she and her partner will embark on. What wonderful gifts full of escapades and joy!

Crate #1: Wedding Gift Crate

  • Delivered upon purchase
  • Date Jar – Filled with quick ways to show appreciation for each other
  • Love Notes – Many quick ways to show appreciation for each other
  • Love Intentions – Create daily, weekly or monthly intentions for your love relationship with a crystal grid of Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz

Crate #2: Self-Care Sweetheart Crate

  • Delivered one month after purchase
  • Self-care items for the recipients, who might need a little TLC after their busy months of preparing their wedding adventure

Crate #3: Anniversary Crate

  • Delivered one year after purchase
  • More dating fun for the couple wanting to continue to celebrate and grow their relationship with love and appreciation.

Once you purchase, we take care of the rest! No need to set reminders. Don’t worry—we’ll make sure to say they’re from you!

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