Many many years ago, there was an awesome website called “Poetry Thursday.”   Sad to say, its time came where they closed and many of us poets were left in a lurch.

I loved this website because every Thursday we could look forward to a place to post our Poetry and we were stretched in ways we had not been stretched before.  We did more than prompts, we were pushed to be poets outside of our closets and quiet offices.  We pushed our limits past our homes even.

One day, we were told about Guerilla Poetry, and I fell in love with curiosity and intrigue. Here is a post that explains what it is:  http://redroomcompany.org/media/uploads/spineout-collabo/spineout_guerrilla_poetry.pdf

I don’t know if that’s truly where things originated, but at least it gives you an idea of what it is. WHY I LIKE IT:  I like it because it puts beauty in unsuspecting places.  I’ve seen poetry on subways; I’ve seen performance poetry on the street; I’ve done “Poem in your Pocket” for people in April.  I’ve even left poems at a coffee shop.  Once someone contacted me (because I left my site address on the poem), and they said they weren’t normal people who read poetry, but they enjoyed this.

Do you write poetry? Have you ever left a poem somewhere for someone? I think we should all do a Poem in Your Pocket for April.

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