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Creating Loving Relationships

Relationship Coaching in Boise, Meridian, Eagle & The Treasure Valley

Marie Wallace is a love-coach and relationship expert with over 25 years of experience in teaching, coaching, and facilitating. After years of failed relationships, she set out on a journey to discover the truth about love and learned how to create fulfilling, everlasting relationships along the way. After meeting her soul mate, that journey became her mission- to help others find and build the relationships of their dreams. She has spent a lifetime creating the relationships she values and has helped hundreds of people rediscover romance, joy, and connection in their life. 

Marie is passionate about finding the “sweet nectar of life” the gold in every day that allows us to live a life full of love. She has a unique ability to help others build quality relationships, and loves to help love grow. 

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From our New Wedding Gift Boxes, to a Romance Cookbook full of delicious date ideas, to Relationships Unleashed, an annual workshop designed to bring forth love in all its forms, there are options for everyone at every budget.

Relationship Coaching

Take your relationships to the next level, Connect Soul to Soul

Relationships Unleashed

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Romance Cookbook

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Romance Cookbook

Inspiring Couples To Reach Their Greatest Love

As we learn and group ourselves, we can’t help but grow the living relationships we desire. Helping individuals and couples in the following areas:

More Self-Confidence

Greater Self-Worth

Happier, Stronger Connections

Loving Relationships

Stronger Communication

Rekindling Romance

Datenight Planning

Marriage Advice

Happy Clients

“Marie is love incarnated- she really walks the talk and delivers on her mission to spread love and light to everyone that she touches. She has seriously improved my interpersonal and romantic relationships and I am so grateful for the time that I have spent working with her!”

I feel that the project opens the door to looking into the heart of healthy connections that can ripple love throughout Idaho, the world and future generations. Also the value of being present.

– Mario

Joe and Marie created a fun, safe, and loving environment to learn about CORE foundation techniques for strong, healthy relationships.

– AG

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Active Listening

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Date Night – Not a Luxury!

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Intentions are the keys to having a loving, more joyful relationship and a lifetime of love and partnership.  We all know it is difficult to navigate love relationships sometimes.  You have two people from such diverse backgrounds and expectations coming...

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