wedding officiant

BOISE, IDAHO & the Treasure Valley
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Share your love story

Wedding Officiant, Interfaith (honoring all pathways)

civil unions, religious/non-religious, elopements, vow renewals, same sex marriage )  in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Cascade, McCall, Stanley & 150 mile radius of  the Treasure Valley.

You have found your special person, and now you want to share them with your family and the world with the perfect ceremony, uniquely yours and memorable for a lifetime.


*Consultations to custom design your ceremony to make it uniquely yours

*Customization of vows – Can assist you with writing them

*added elements of ritual such as unity candles, sand ceremonies, handfasting

* 30 to 60 minute service – Allows the couple to choose their own timeframe

*email and texting access – allows any questions or last minute adjustments

*travel within a 150 mile radius

Additional services: rehearsals  prior to your special day; pre-marital coaching; products

Marie Lukasik Wallace

Ordained Interfaith Minister

Reverend Marie has the passion and experience to facilitate your special events and rituals. She believes in honoring each person and will masterfully weave your unique story into the ceremony. 

Happy Clients

“Marie is love incarnated- she really walks the talk and delivers on her mission to spread love and light to everyone that she touches. She has seriously improved my interpersonal and romantic relationships and I am so grateful for the time that I have spent working with her!”

I feel that the project opens the door to looking into the heart of healthy connections that can ripple love throughout Idaho, the world and future generations. Also the value of being present.

– Mario

Joe and Marie created a fun, safe, and loving environment to learn about CORE foundation techniques for strong, healthy relationships.

– AG

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