Date Ideas for Dating Myself.

Happy Galentine’s day to you.  Yesterday, our gift to you was some information on How and Why to date yourself date, (even if you are not single.)       Spending time thinking about what you desire and what you enjoy, as well as your goals, enables you to be clearer with who you are as a person.  And the better you know yourself, the better you can convey to others what you would like.  Imagine the confidence you will feel when you are comfortable being yourself and participating more fully into the world!

            And a SPECIAL NOTE: What is great for the relationship with self translates into all our relationships!  We are happy and our cup is full and may even runneth over…which spills into our other relationships. Did you know how contagious your smile is? It can literally change the world.  ENJOY IT ALL!


♥Dress up and enjoy a meal at your favorite restaurant

Too many of us “wait” for a special occasion, and we miss creating an every day opportunity to enjoy a moment.  Maybe you just go for a fancy dessert?  People will be so curious.  And YOU will probably inspire them!

Or, you can create a fancy candlelight dinner for yourself at home. Don’t forget to use your best dishes! 

♥Learn a new hobby.

 Boise community ed has so many choices in many categories, dancing, cars, food, sports activities.  You are sure to find a good fit for you.  Bonus points if you do something out of your comfort zone.

♥Buy yourself popcorn and attend a movie you really want to see.

Have you waited forever to see a movie and missed it waiting for everyone else’s schedule to align?  It’s nice to go on your own because you can pick a special time relaxing for you.  You can be very attentive, eat your popcorn (without sharing) and enjoy your movie uninterrupted.

List the people you most admire and write why you admire them.

Before you write this off as a no, understand this, usually when we admire things in someone else, we can find them in ourselves.  If you blow up your description and get juicy in your details, you can feel all the energy flow into you.  Again, great boost for the confidence.  

♥Go for a leisurely walk in a beautiful park

The Treasure Valley has so many beautiful parks well maintained.  Many of them like Kleiner’s park have interactive parts.   And you are doing something healthy for your body and spirit.  Bonus:  Take a journal and record your noticings.

♥Attend a museum show or gallery exhibition.

There are many great things to see in the Treasure Valley. If you join their newsletter, you will know when an exhibit arrives you have a genuine interest in. Here is Boise Art Museum’s e-news.

♥List your core values.

I felt the eyeroll.  Did you know knowing your core values makes it easier to make decisions?  When you know what you want and don’t want, you can more readily choose….. So, consider doing this as a special gift to yourself!

♥Write a list of the things you’re most proud of

This is a great idea no matter who your are!  On those days when you feel the world has beaten you down, which we know happens, you can pull this list out and counteract it.  What you focus on GROWS.  And this exercise has some yummy energy.

♥Have a picnic.

Find a place or a park you have always wanted to explore.  Try a picnic in each season to notice all the differences.  Bring a journal and write or draw your noticings.  Plus one…have a local business put one together for you.  Local: Idaho Shakespeare Festival encourages you to bring a picnic.  They also have picnic items there for purchase.  See what’s playing here.

Write the many ways your life has purpose

If you can believe it, the world really is a better place when you are in it.  Sometimes when we right a list of all the ways we contribute, we can envision purpose. 

♥Create your own smore

There are so many ways to create your own smore with all your favorite things like special candies or mixture of candies, or even special marshmellows.  If you need ideas, send me an email:  Marie@MariesGold.com, and I will send you a PDF of ideas.

Go thrift shopping for a new outfit.

Bonus points if you go to more than one store.  And double bonus points if you take a picture and post it on social med

ia.   I double dog dare you!   Some of the outfits I have received the most comments on were found in a thrift store.  Hint from my shopping expert friend:  look through ALL the sizes and try things on.  My favorite dress was mis-sized by two sizes!

♥Do a mini staycation.

Take a break from the everyday and check in a motel in town.  Order room service.  Check out their spa.  Pamper yourself.  Bonus:  if you silence your cell phone.

♥Write a list of the things you’re most proud of. 

This is a great idea no matter who your are!  On those days when you feel the world has beaten you down, which we know happens, you can pull this list out and counteract it.  What you focus on GROWS.  And this exercise has some yummy energy. Completing some of the items on this list counts!

Did you enjoy these?  If so, take a look at these ideas:  go on a solo camping trip; spruce up your space; go to a winery and try some new wines; read in a coffee shop; bike the greenbelt; go to the local Farmer’s market (real gems there) or  and so much more!!!


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