While texting is a fun way to send quick snippets of fondness, there is something to be said about a little handwritten note in YOUR handwriting that is extra special.  It shows you have put in time and effort to show your affection and continues to build connection.  Besides, they are so fun to find!

When Joe and I were dating, we were both in a busy time of our lives.  Joe was on long trips overseas, and I was teaching and going to school.  We did a lot of long-distance communication like telephone calls and even emails.   However, it was extra special when we would leave me a sticky note on my dresser or write a small handwritten note and leave it on the counter.

Since then, our love note practice has evolved.  Once when I was gone almost a month, Joe had written me a note on my side of the mirror saying how glad he was to have me back.  

We have written notes tucked in picture frames and under pillows.  He has even made me posters.  The poster that says, “Welcome Home Beautiful,” has been up for at least two years, and I see it every day when I pull my car in the garage.  And baby, I am telling you, it never gets old.


Tell us where you have strategically put Love Notes and how your partner reacted. We will post them here on our wall!

Thank you for bringing more fun, love and romance into the world!

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