This is a very busy time of year, especially when it’s a few days before Christmas and we might not have done all the things we thought we would do by now, purchase those gifts, or bake that cookie/pie; written our cards; or called those special people in our lives. THIS IS THE TIME we really get to PRACTICE SELF-CARE so we aren’t giving from an empty vessel.

It seems counter intuitive for us to take this time when we feel we are really out of time, right? No, it’s exactly the opposite! The more we fill ourselves up with doing things which bring us joy, the more we can HAPPILY give to others.

And, because one of our Six Human Needs is Variety, I have gathered a list of ideas from various sources of ways we can do self-care to give you a range of possibilities and ideas. You want to create the perfect list for you!

What if we looked at the world the way a five-year-old looks at the world? (#14, #15, #16) Would that relieve some stress? These are ways to just be present. To just BE in our natural state with nature. Or maybe look at #39, is what I am doing bringing me JOY? What if saying not to someone like #52 be self-care?



CHOOSE 5 & SHARE WITH A PARTNER – ask someone to hold you accountable


1. Give myself a pedicure or a manicure or go out and have someone do it.

2. Read a book or magazine for an hour.

3. Sit on the front or back porch. Nothing else, just be.

4. Take a bubble bath—complete with candles and music which soothes you

5. Pick or buy a bouquet of fresh flowers.

(I know people who buy themselves flowers every week!)

6. Take a leisurely walk without any goal in mind.

7. Put on a homemade face mask.

8. Give myself permission to binge watch my latest show obsession without guilt.

9. Watch funny videos on YouTube or television

10. Take a nap for a quick refresher.

11. Order in dinner.

12. Do something creative or crafty like cooking, coloring, crochet, paint, or sewing..

13. Go to the library or bookstore and just sit and read…maybe buy yourself a latte.

14. Sit in the grass and watch the clouds float by.

15. Look at the stars.

16. Have a dance party to my favorite music.

17. Take a mental health day. And while it may be hard, don’t feel guilty. It’s a gift to you!

18. Burn a candle or diffuse some oils that have scents that bring me joy. Smell has a way of transporting us to different places.

19. Sit in a coffee shop and have a fancy drink or just read.

20. Walk around a fancy store without a list and buy something just for fun!

21. Try out a new hobby or craft.

22. Do yoga, pilates, or barre.

23. Cook breakfast for myself before anyone else.

24. Sing at the top of my lungs. Maybe in the shower or in your car with the windows down?25. Go for a drive without a destination.

26. Close myself in a room to read a book or listen to my favorite podcast/YouTube channel.

27. Stretch for 20 minutes or take a gym class.

28. Go to the park and play on the playground. Be a kid again because being a kid is fun!

29. Go swimming (for fun, not exercise).

30. Plan out an extravagant vacation just for fun. Consider starting to put away money for it.

31. Wear an outift that makes me feel great..

32. Declutter. Choose a spot in your house or your car or your office.

33. Watch the sun rise or set. Don’t take any pictures. Just enjoy it.

36. Have a picnic

37. Go to bed early or sleep in late.

38. Research something that I’ve been interested in but haven’t had the time to dive into.

39. Who are you surrounding yourself with? Are they people who bring you joy or make your life better in some way? If not, maybe consider a different choice?

40. Go to a museum: art, childrens’, history, science—whatever brings me joy that day!

41. Get a massage.

42. Spend time out in the garden.

43. Write a gratitude list of 10 things I’m grateful for and why.

44. Write a letter (or an email) to an old friend or family member you have been wanting to stay in touch with.

45. Get creative in the kitchen! Try new seasonings! Or, try that new recipe you have wanted to try for so long. Yes, cooking can be creative; and being creative helps you express yourself in a unique way. Creativity also opens the door of abudance.

46. Learn something new. Take a course or read a book on something you’ve always wanted to learn. Learning and growing keeps your brain building new neuropathways.

47.. Make a list of 5 things you love about yourself, maybe it’s your intellect, a favorite body part, or a special ability. (When was the last time you said something nice about you to you?) This brings more freedom and love, and looking outside yourself for the answers.

48. Create a vision board for the next year or the next quarter, envisioning all the things you would like to have or be. Don’t forget to choose pictures full of the emotion you want to feel when you are complete. (Adding emotion keeps it active in your mind, and it’s more likely you’ll accomplish it.)

49. Dance. Dance for no reason at all, anywhere you choose, the grocery store, the mall, a parking lot, or your bedroom. Movement keeps the body in flow.

50. Embrace all the glorious parts of life that bring you joy and do more of those!

SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT AND KEEP IT – The most successful way to stay with a self-care routine is to schedule an appointment for a one on one for yourself! (and keep it!) Actually make a note in your calendar that shows your self-care time!

MINI CONTRACT – I typed out a little mini form for myself and printed it so I could see how important this is to me. Then, I pick an accountability partner who checks in with me and reminds me how important this routine is. I think those of us who give care to others, parents, teachers, nurses, etc., are the last ones to do things for themselves. You can even tape it to your mirror. Or better yet, write it in dry erase on your mirror and change things out when you’re tired of them.

Today, I choose:






I make this promise to myself: I will remember caring for me is just as important as caring for others, actually it’s vital to my well being and the well being of others.

___________________________ _______________________________

Your signature Witness – and/or accountability partner

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