Why would I renew my vows? Should I renew my vows? I said them at the wedding, isn’t that enough?  Yes, it’s good enough for a wedding.  But wasn’t that a whirlwind of events to get through physically and emotionally?  And sometimes when the wedding is over, the vows are a blur.  It’s not that you didn’t mean them, it’s just that so much was happening and you were trying to keep it all together.  If you’re considering vow renewal as part of strengthening your connection, here are some points to consider:

Make the Decision.

People decide to renew their vows because it keeps them present in the moment, and it helps them, as a couple, get to the next level of their partnership journey.  It brings their commitment to the forefront. Being in a relationship is an investment of time and energy and showing the other person that you are there for them. We maintain our cars, and our houses, and other things that are important to us, why not maintain our relationship?

Renew and Reconnect.

Couples have found that renewing their vows helps them reconnect on a deeper level.  It helps them discover another layer of promise and intimacy.  It’s ultimately saying, I choose you again and again.  It also gives the couple time to reevaluate where they are in the marriage.  Are you both happy?  How can I show you more of how much I love you?  What can I tweak to make this relationship outstanding and even more delicious?

Make It Meaningful.

A renewal of vows doesn’t have to be a big ceremony.  It can just be the two of you (unless it means more to you to have witnesses present).  Create a small ceremony or ritual that has meaning.  Go to a favorite spot and make an intention to spend time together, forging the next steps with new promises.  If you have your previous vows, you can say them over again, recommitting your energy at a deeper level.

Keep Your Love Alive.

While you’re at it, why not commit to dating each other again?  Take time for just the two of you to share time and appreciation and love.  I promise you won’t regret it. You’ll be saying, like Joe and I are saying 25 years later, I really like you and I enjoy you!  And Joe will ask me over and over again, “Will you marry me?”  It keeps the love alive!

Blessings to you.

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