February is traditionally the month of love and romance. However, it is also a great month to
reflect and find ways to rekindle our partnership starting with our vows. It’s a great idea to take
a look at the promises we’ve made to each other, at least every five years.
When we have been together a long time, something that was relevant a few years ago has
either evolved and needs a fresh look, or it is no longer relevant.

Questions to consider and have a conversation with your partner:

  • What does my partner need now?
  • Am I still as connected with them as I used to be? If not, what can I do or say to improve
  • Is there something you now wish you had promised each other that you hadn’t before?

There are many more ways to recreate vows and add a ceremony to deepen the meaning for
you both. I would love to consult with you and make that happen.
Because this is my favorite month, I want to do something special for those who follow me and
support me! In the month of February, enjoy $75 for a commitment ceremony with a bonus of
consultation to ensure we create an experience as unique as your relationship.
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