Abundance & Good Fortune

If you have a wedding coming up, you might add a gold flair, which bring abundance and good fortune, with this lovely tradition from Spain – 13 coins “arras”. As a wedding officiant, I love bringing in elements to make a wedding extra special, adding meaning, and possibly a new beloved family tradition.

As an interfaith wedding officiant, I try to bring common ground between the attendees, especially if the couple is of two different cultures or traditions. This added detail helps everyone feel more “at home” at the ceremony and keeps the focus on the lovely couple, AND it helps add some specialness and meaning.

Here are the basics of this lovely tradition. A family member (or even a member of your bridal party) places 13 coins in the groom’s hands. He then pours the coins into the Bride’s hands. The bride hold her hands above the groom’s head and then pours the coins “arras” back into his hands. And finally, the groom will pour the coins back into a tray held by a family member. What this tradition means is that that the bride and groom promise to care and support each other financially through their lives and signifiess they will have abundance and success throughout their lives together!

Of course, this ceremony can be used with same sex couples, and I would venture to say, it doesn’t have to be at a wedding ceremony either. Anytime you want to add an element to bring in success is a good time!

If you would like assistance in making your day extra special and unique, don’t hesitate to call me or write me. (208) 284-3437 or Marie@MariesGold.com. ~Marie – aka the LuvRev

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