Are you in need of someone to perform a special ceremony or create a ritual that honors either a special person, a special occasion, or special transition?  Please consider consulting with me on how we can co-create lifelong memories.  Some things I have done in the past are…

Blending a family –  The two families are given an opportunity to find commonalities to celebrate with each other.  With this ritual, we create space for new intentions and new ways to come together and work together as a team and as a united family.  

Honoring Celebration  – The date someone passes is sometimes difficult to handle.  We miss our loved one so much.  Together, we create new memories which honor them, giving the family a special way to celebrate all the good the person has brought into this world.  

Blessing the mom and baby together – This ceremony is done in honor of a woman who is a single mom.  This ceremony builds a bond with baby and mom in a unique way, AND it allows them to connect with woman who will be her community and tribe in helping to raise the child.  What a great way to support new moms.  I propose all moms and babies can be blessed on their journey together!

Renaming Ceremony – It can be very empowering to take on a new name of your choosing to honor overcoming challenging life transitions or to honor a new path you’ve taken. Together we create special ways to highlight these events.  I even offer anointing to seal this new name to you.

Create your own –  With life’s twists, turns and challenges, there is much room to cherish places we’ve grown or deepened in our relationships with ourselves and others.  I am great at creating new celebrations and traditions.  Just give me a call.

The work I do is really something I enjoy.  Being with you on this journey is truly special to me and one of my greatest joys.  Let me take your hand and walk with you and together we can create more meaning for you and your family.

Take care and enjoy each other,


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