Specialized weddings are my forte.  It is fun for me to co-create with the happy couple to make their special day fun, memorable and uniquely them.  After all, these are memories of a lifetime!

In the wedding depicted, the couple loves the Avengers, yet they still wanted to do traditional attire for themselves.  Some of the guests enjoyed dressing up, while others chose to wear traditional garb.  The ring bearer was “Spiderman” and had a web around the pillow holding the ring box. One of the members of the wedding party was Dr. Strange with a decked-out outfit ordered from ETSY to fit him specifically.  (Let me know if you’d like a link, and I’ll share it with you.)  Another guest dressed as Captain Marvel; and of course, I dressed as “The Ancient One.”  And what Avenger party would be without a Loki in many of his/hers forms?

Because I am trained in many faith traditions, I have knowledge of rites and rituals that help me specialize things for the couple.  In this case, because I know of the tradition of handfasting, where the couple binds their promises as their hands are tied together with ribbon. I was able to incorporate something similar at the end of the ceremony, using the Infinity Gauntlet.  Each stone that was placed in the glove represented something important the couple wanted for their marriage, things like trust, honesty, empowerment, etc.  Then, they both placed their hands in the glove and held it up to the crowd.  It can even light up when they place their hands in it!  In this case, the batteries went out before the ceremony ended.  However, there are many creative ways to make it light up, brightly and magnificently!

As far as the music goes, the couple went through different songs from their favorite Avenger movies.  Thewedding party came out to:  “The Next Screen.” The bride entered with “Thor, The Dark World.” And of course, the procession left with a song that sounds like a victory march using “The Avengers”.  I have to tell you that the audience felt the celebration in a big way.

The bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids and the boutonnieres for the wedding party each had a Marvel character that suited them.  We actually got the idea from the Olympics where each of the medal winners received a flower arrangement with the Olympic mascot tied on the handle. 

There are many more ideas for an Avenger theme that weren’t used.  The point is, the couple can make the ceremony work for them however special they would like, inviting their own uniqueness and creativity to make meaning for them.



Invite me to get curious with you and find out what your specific likes and tastes are.  What adventures do you like to do together?  What are your favorite things to do?  What do you like about each other?  Are you playful or serious?  Adventurous or rowdy?  Dark or airy fairy?  Let me help you create the tone for how you want your audience to experience this.

Music, poetry and readings are also an important way to personalize your wedding.  Even though some of this may sound daunting to you, I promise, I can ease this burden as I work with you.  Knowing what kind of music you like or what television programs and movies you enjoy, helps me be creative.  Maybe you have favorite things you say to each other.  Or maybe you like Dad jokes.  I can help you interweave these into your ceremony.  (Believe me, I have, and it’s fun!)

Would you like to include children, pets or a favorite family member?  Let’s do it.  There are so many additional ceremony elements which we can include like:  unity candles, handfasting, planting trees, ribbon braiding, creating your own wine blend, and so much more.

Also, in these days of spiritual, not religious, we can incorporate ways where you feel the Divine presence and blessing without religious overtones.  Or, the ceremony can just be about your love story where you have been and where you want to go.

Let’s chat!  You can reach me at Marie@MariesGold.com, and we can arrange a time to see if I will be a good fit for your wedding.  I’m positive I can be! With much love and gratitude for a well-loved journey, Marie

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