My family and friends all know how much I LOVE WEDDINGS! My favorite part is to hear the couple’s love story and to hear why they love each other. It melts my heart every time. As we cocreate the ceremony together, I always like incorporate something meaningful for the couple that not only unites them and their families,it adds an extra special zing of warmth to the heart. Wedding Time Capsules do just this.


Having your time capsule integrated in your ceremony will do just that. A time capsule can be anything you want it to be and hold anything of meaning or value to you as a couple. One of the ways I’ve seen it used the most is putting in love letters which are read aloud at the ceremony. These letters attest to the love and affection they have for each other and often include their personal vows. There is never a dry eye in the audience as they witness the lover’s proclamation of love to each other.

Sometimes couples have been writing letters since the beginning of their relationship and include those in the time capsule.

Here are some things to consider:

*Container. What kind of container best suits you and what you want to accomplish? Do you need it airtight? Do you want it to be beautiful? Practical? Big or small?

*Storage. Where will you keep your lovely capsule? Highly consider the elements and don’t bury it or put it outside. This comes from experience. I once buried a diary and to put it mildly, it became composte, not quite the desired effect. Also, don’t forget where you put it!

*Choosing items. When choosing what to put in your capsule, think of things that are unique to you as a couple which will be meaningful or fun to look back on. I’ve included some things to get you started. Some fun items to include are notes of advice from your wedding guests or family; ticket stubs from events you attend or somewhere you went on your honeymoon; maps of places you’ve been together; tokens of things that mean a lot to you.

  1. Photos of your engagement/wedding day/honeymoon.
  2. Copy of your wedding vows to each other, or a love letter which includes your personal vows to each other.
  3. Your favorite music. CDs, thumb drives, or even a playlist.
  4. A copy of your marriage certificate.
  5. Items from your honeymoon, maybe shells from the beach, a map of places you visited, special foreign currency. The sky is the limit.
  6. Sealed love letters written to your future selves or your spouse’s future self. How do you envision your relationship in five years? You could even write goals you think you might have.
  7. Wedding advice. If you plan ahead, you can ask your wedding guests for advice and then you can revisit if you took some of that advice and how it worked out.
  8. tokens of affection. Each couple has some little tokens of affection that is like a secret language just between the two of them. Maybe there’s a favorite stuffed animal, or tokens from an arcade or drive-in or a favorite pen. There are as many items as there are couples.

*Opening date. When do you want to revisit these memories? Five years from now? Ten years from now? Sometimes it’s nice to reopen it every five years to witness how much you’ve grown as a couple and entertain the nostalgia of adventures you’ve been on. Besides, it’s great to add new items and stories of new adventures.

You can personalize this containter to make it your very own. There are lots of DIY projects on Pinterest, and your imagination is wide open. It is a great date night project to do before your wedding if you have time. Or, you can do it on your honeymoon as one of your first activities as a married couple. Making your own always comes out so much better than a store bought container.

Have some fun with this. There is no wrong way to do it. The bottom line is that Time Capsules add a sweet element of invoking connection and deeper meaning and create long lasting memories for a lifetime.

If you are considering getting married in Idaho or nearby, please consider requesting a consultation to see if we are a good fit. If you aren’t in the area, and would still like services like having me write your ceremony, I offer these too! Telephone: 208-284-3437 Email: Marie@mariesGold.com.


~in joy, Marie (aka Luv Rev)

P.S. My time capsule looks HUGE! However, we have been together almost 28 years….we have a few mementos and TONS of LOVE LETTERS. Consider you might have to grow your container.

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