These days we live in now seem to be lacking those extra special momentous occasions. We long for weddings that are truly celebrated as a rite of passage and as a way to focus on the love the happy couple brings. In the past, when babies were to arrive, it was a sacred event with family and friends all around, and the picking of a name from a baby book with a special meaning. Candles were a way to signify the lighting of the darkness and bringing in the warmth and the presence of the Divine into places. These small acts bring us an awareness and mark sacred, memorable moments in our lives, and bring us closer to our families and communities. The most important thing to remember is that it’s not the act of doing the ritual. It is the intention and meaning put behind it.

There are simple ways to bring this meaning back with minimal effort and few supplies. Below are some steps you can take to create your own rituals.


  • Intention – What are you looking to create? Intention is the purpose of the ritual.  You eat family dinners on Sunday, because you want to connect more and it’s a time when the most of you can gather.  You can learn more about each other and grow together.  You have a special party for a significant birthday, like someone becoming a teen, or entering a new decade (50s, 60s, etc.)  You want to mark that milestone and its meaning.
  • Sequence – Every ritual has a clear beginning and a clear end.  How do you mark the beginning?  Maybe lighting a candle, telling a story, entering a meditation,  and end with some kind of closure, a prayer, a journal reflection, a closing word.
  • Sacred space – Change this wording (sacred is invoking a change of consciousness, taking something outside of ordinary life.  With intention and a clear beginning (back to candles or e meditation idea) you can create an environment into a ritual space…inhaling a few deep breaths clearning a space.
  • Ingredients – Things you might add to the ritual to create more meaning are: candles, crystals, music, food, scents, animals, etc. 
  • Personal meaning – The most important part to remember is the ritual has to have meaning for YOU and those involved, otherwise, the magic and the power is lost.

For example, you can have a quick ceremony and say your I dos and be off to the party. Or, you can add a simple element like adding a unity candle to your wedding ceremony signifies two separate lives are being joined into one. It signifies the beginning of something new. You could even indicate how important it is for both to hold their individuality, while still coming together as a team.
It could also mean the couple is coming from two separate families and identities and coming together to create their own unique family. Even taking the steps to write personal vows to each other, adds another layer of meaning, and will make this occasion memorable for a life time. If a unity candle is not your style, there are so many other ritual elements like a sand ceremony, or setting up a time capsule of love letters and notes, and so much more.

In future blog posts, we will cover many different kinds of rituals to give you a jumping off point.  These are will just be ideas, which may or may not work for you and your family.  The point is to find what brings more meaning for you and those you love. Take one of our examples and create your own. The possibilities and creations are endless!

Blending a family? Create a ritual. Starting a new job? Or is it your first job? Create a ritual. Are you taking your first trip out of your country? Create a ritual. Enjoy your journey, and may you continue to mark those beautiful milestones of meaning in your lives.

For assistance in co-creating a ritual that has meaning for you, please call me (208) 284-3437 and leave a message; or you can reach me by email: Marie@MariesGold.com

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