Here are 8 ways to clear negative energy from you home as you approach the holidays.

  1. Open your windows!  This is the fastest, easiest thing you can do right away, allowing energy to flow through your house and your life!
  2. Set New Intentions. Energy goes where your attention goes.  Use these questions to think about what you would like your space to feel like.  Ask yourself, what would you like your space to release?  Get specific.  You can even do a little ceremony by writing all the negative things happening in your life and then burn the list.  It will transmute the energy.  Next, ask yourself, how do you want your space to feel?  Again, be specific.  Would you like your space to be more calm? Empowering? Successful?  Write your intentions down and post them!  Sometimes I write them on big sheets of post it paper so I can see my itentions from across the room.
  3. Burn incense or herbs.  There are many lovely scents made specifically for both releasing negative energy and creating new energy.  They can come in a stick form, candle form or as dried herbs. Most people have heard of using Sage, but it is only one of a multitude of scents.  Frankly, I am allergic to Sage and am grateful for alternatives.

If you are looking for alternative scents, here are some of our favorites, with each one having specific energies they bring into the home. Sandalwood is great for grounding; Palo Santo is for prosperity, Juniper for comfort, Rosemary for new beginnings and Frankincense for purifying.  And, we can’t forget the amazing Himalayan Salt lamps.  They are good for abundance, calm, healing, love, peace and prosperity.   That’s many things in one!   I have a bowl of Himalayan salt hearts that light up which I really enjoy.  Palo Alto is also one of my favorites to burn. It has a great woodsy, down to earth smell and isn’t so strong as some can be.

4. Crystals.  Who doesn’t love a rock or two?  These lovely gems bring in earth energy and come in so many colors, shapes, sizes, each containing their own vibrational properties.  Place them in various corners of your home.  Some common ones are Black Tourmaline and hematite are great for clearing.  You can also investigate which crystals work well with the intentions you created from above and use those around your home or one your altar.

5. Vibration… Stand at the front door. Then, move clockwise around the inside of the house playing an instrument like a drum or a triangle, or play music. You can even clap in all the corners    Make some noise!

6. Scents.  Fresh citrus scents can be uplifting and invigorating.  Try some essential oils in a diffuser like lemon, orange or a citrus blend to give your home a fresh makeover smell.  Other things you can do are boil lemons and oranges on the stove. Or, you can slice them and add them in dishes all around your home.

7. Use Salt.  Salt has been used for generations on many things because of its cleansing properties. Put sea salt in a spray bottle and give a little squeeze in every room, or line up sea salt at your front door or around the perimeter of your property.  I have also put salt on my altar at home.  And like above, you can use the Himalayan Salt Lamp.  

8. Reduce Clutter.  Clutter in the home can cause negative energies to stay stuck.  To keep the energy of your home flowing, try picking up the piles, clearing counters,  sending things off you don’t use anymore.  Sometimes for me, giving gently used things away makes me feel better because I know someone else can make better use of it.

These are just a few of the treasures we have to share with you. They are great ways to move negative energy or bad vibes. Feel free to get creative and do a BLEND ANY OF THESE TOGETHER FOR A MAGNIFICATION OF YOUR INTENTIONS. 


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