An Old Tradition Coming Back

As an officiant, we get to see what is trending in the wedding ceremony; and sometimes, an older tradition makes a comeback, like community vows. What is a community vow? It was when the audience of family and friends attending the wedding make a vow to support and guide the couple as they navigate their new life together.

Being a newlywed presents so many challenges, especially the first year. Knowing there are people who are willing to step in and give asstance when asked, is a relief and a gift. I certainly wish community vows were a thing when I got married. I think I would have breathed a lot better.

Here some sample things you can have your officiant say after the vows:

Vow #1: Family and friends, now that you have heard the couple recite their vows, do you promise, from this day forward to encourage them, love them and support them in being steadfast in the promises they have made? If yes, say, “I do.”

Vow #2: To all the family and friends gathered here today, if you promise to love, guide and support __________ and ___________ as they embark on this beautiful adventure, helping them have a strong and vital marriage, please say, “I do.”

Vow #3: Family and friends, these two have united their families to create a new family. As their family and friends, do you promise to support them and guide them on their journey? If so, please say, “I do.”

#4 – You, family and friends, have been a big part in the lives of these two. And now, as they create their own life and family together, do you promise to remain steadfast, to stand beside them, guide them, include them and support them as they journey together? Please say, “I do.”

You can use one of these or a combination of them. Or, you can courageously create your own. The main idea is address the audience as a vital part of this couple’s lives so they know once they are married, they are not alone. They are continuously supported from this day forward.

Thanks for keeping the ripple of love going! Marie (aka luvrev) ♥

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