On this special day, I would like to honor all those who have served in the military, AND all those who are currently serving in the military. You have given your very best to help us gain and retain our freedoms, and you are appreciated. Though often your valiant efforts go unnoticed, I would like you to know I SEE you and I acknowledge you and what you have so freely given.


For those who would like to do a ceremony for someone who has passed who has served, or even if you would like to do a ceremony for those who may have not anyone to mourn them or honor them, you can see my ceremony here. Of course, you can change the language to be anything you wish. The steps would be the same. I am going to do something at the Veteran’s Cemetery here in Boise at 11/11/2021 at 11:11. Mostly, I am concentrating on gratitude and recognition of all those who have served, with an emphasis on those who may have gone unnoticed or not have someone to be there for them. You can do this with me in spirit if you’d like. AND, know this, you can honor them anytime and OFTEN!

I will post pictures here on this blog.

Thank you for all you do to honor everyone. love, Marie (aka Luv Rev)

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