Including Kids on Your Special Day

It is my pleasure to help bring families together in unique and special ways to unite their combined culture and to make meaningful memories.  Building a foundation of memories from the wedding day forward helps a family to remember during the tough times that we are all in this together.

Below is some inspiration you can use and make your own.  Of course, they don’t just have to be for your wedding day, these ideas work anytime you’d like to create connection with your blended family or reconnect a family that may have found some distance in the past.

Unity Sand – Each member of the family chooses their color of sand and then you take turns pouring it one by one, layering the colors, which creates a swirl effect. It’s so beautiful! The one pictured above was made to represent nature lovers with sand, sea, and greenery. (Hey that rhymes.) How to color your own sand videos coming soon.

Family Braid – The most effective way I’ve seen this is having a color for each parent and using the kids colors as the third part of the braid. And then adding special frills at the knot of the braid to make it more decorative. A How to video and pictures coming soon!

Unity Candle – There are also many ways to do this ceremony, and will tell you of two. Have a taper candle for each member of the family and each member lights the larger unity candle, representing that we are each individuals as we come into this family, and we come together as a team, still maintaining our individuality and being a part of something larger. Sometimes people will make all the colors the same (usually the main color of the wedding), or each member of the family has their own favorite color and the unity candle is a white or black candle. Sometimes the unity vase is something special that has been part of the family for awhile.

Family handprints – Families each create a “family tree,” flower, or a heart from their handprints. For the tree, paint a tree trunk, and each handprint represents leaves. For the flower, use palms put together and fingers pointing out, And for the heart, you can put thumbs and forefingers together. I will get you pictures!


Vows – There are so many sweet ways to include kids in your vows.  You can just mention them and make specific promises to them as parents; or, in the case of a bonus adult in their lives to help be their guide along the way.  Sometimes parents will buy a specific piece of jewelry or other item of significance that holds the meaning for the child.

Part of the Ceremony – You may include your children as the flower person or the ring bearer, or even as a bridesmaid or groomsmen.  In our wedding, my bonus daughter was my husband’s “best man” and she stood in that honorable place beside him.  There is no wrong way to do this because it is YOUR wedding.

Performance – Maybe your kids have special talents they can share like singing or dancing or even reciting a favorite poem or passage.  It’s always nice to give them a chance to share in the spotlight.

Keep a look out for many more ways you can include your kids so they feel a part of your special day!

And may your journeys be blessed.  @LuvRev Marie♥

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