Yes, I am guilty of living a BUSY life, a life full of things to do.  I thought I was doing things “intentionally” when realistically, I was getting things done on my task list.  As a teacher, the list was always long, and more was added to the list than taken off.    I couldn’t be present because there was “no time.”  I was a great teacher, and to be fair, I was present with the kids, but other things suffered like my peace, my presence with others and my presence with myself.  There was no life/work balance.

Fortunately for me, I taught kindergarten and learned from them  what it truly means to live in the moment.  (Yes, they can be our teachers too!) Whatever those kiddos are doing right now, is the most important thing ever.  These little miracles are never asking what’s next on my list.  And they want to try it all!

Here’s what I learned from them.  When the walk in a room, it’s with their arms and their eyes open wide!  They  embrace it all.  Paint with abandon using EVERY color.  Play all out.  Go all in.  They are invincible and can do anything!

Once we had our portraits of Shakespeare hanging on the wall in the hall, and parents were astonished how well these likenesses were.  They asked, “How did they do that?”   And I said, “First of all, they didn’t know they couldn’t.”

A question I ask myself often because of this experience:  “What would I do if I KNEW I couldn’t fail?”

As a minister and a wedding officiant, I have learned what is most important.  And now, I know that to live a truly happy life filled with purpose and meaning, I need to be less “busy” and more present.  This allowed me to see the “gold” in things the specialness in each person, in each day, and mostly in myself.  My integrity to me and the beautiful life I want to co-create with the Divine is most important.  The vow I took when I became a Reverend/minister was, “How can I be LOVE in this moment?”  This moment right here and now, even when things are tough and seemingly unsolveable or unbearable, I must remember to be love.  I am not perfect, but it’s certainly a more intentional way than I was living before.

And isn’t it the goal to be a better person than I was yesterday?   Bless your journey, and if you’d like a guide along the way, a Spiritual companion, I am an email away.  Marie@Mariesgold.com .  Let’s have a chat.

Until the next time we meet, may you find the gold in every day, in others and yourself.

Marie, the Luv Rev.

“Your daily life is your temple and religion. When you enter into it take with you your all.” -Kahlil Gibran

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