Should you have personal wedding vows? What are the pros and cons of creating your own personal vows? Today we will explore this so you can make a great decision for yourselves as a couple.

In the last few years, many couples have moved away from traditional vows to create their own vows. Both the bride and the groom will not only read their promises to each other out loud, they will make bold declarations of love. It does leave a lasting impression.


♥There is never a dry eye in the house. The words are so personal and touching.

♥The audience is greatly moved and are witnesses to the great love.

♥Watching another couple declare their love, reignites old flames in couples who have been married awhile. Sort of a shot in the soul.

♥The couple has a very memorable experience that carries them through tough times throughout the years.


♥Shy people are overwhelmed with others looking at them.

♥Some people judge themselves and their writing capabilities and hold back. (I personally think all people are great writers! They just might not have had great support.)

♥Some people are very private and want to keep those declarations close their hearts.


♥What emotion do you want the audience to leave with?

♥Are there other ways to bring that emotion than saying vows out loud?

♥If you want to inspire others with your love story, this is one great way. Together, you can make that love ripple out

♥You can form questions of your highest feelings/intentions you want to continue throughout your years and make them “we do” vow questions. As you are holding handings and reciting the vows together, your nerves are more calm.

Let’s chat to see what is right for you. I love helping you create the mood and experience you want to have and others to have. It’s my forte’. Call me at (208) 284-3437 or email me Marie@MariesGold.com.

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