How to Make Your Wedding Ceremony Your Own

Co-creating ceremonies is one of my favorite things; and one way we make things fresh is by putting a modern twist on old traditions. I will list several examples for you. And then, if you want more, reach out to me. Or, better yet, contact me to help YOU create your own special ceremony.

Old tradition: Dad walks the bride down. Some twists are the groom walks his mom down the aisle first. Father figures, including step dads, grandfathers, a boss, or anyone who has stood as a father for the bride in her life.

Old tradition: Unity candle. Usually, the bride and groom will light a taper candle and then together they light a unity candle. Both the bride’s mother and the groom’s mother, light the taper candle representing their family unit. Then, they then bless the candle and pass it on to their child, who then lights the main candle with their partner. Anyone can represent the coming together of each party as a whole.

Old tradition: hand binding/hand fasting. Instead of cords, one couple really enjoyed The Avengers, so we took the Inifinity Gauntlet (glove) and had them name one thing they wanted in their marriage for each stone placed in the glove, and then they both placed their hands in the glove and held it up when I pronounced them man and wife. One couple chose to use rosearies, which represented them being bound to their faith tradition. One couple whose dogs were like their children used their dogs’ leashes to bind their “family” together. If one person is in the military, you can use miliary cords. People are even highly regarding what color of cord, ribbon or rope they are using depending on what intentions they want to bring to the marriage. In a future blog, I could list what different colors represent.

There are many many more twists on old traditions I would be happy to share. When you are ready for some help co-creating your ceremony for your big day, send me an inquiry at: Marie@MariesGold.com. In the meantime, happy creating! If you’d like me to share your ideas, please feel free to write me as well. ~Marie♥

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