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There are many benefits of having a Salt Ceremony. It’s a great way to cleanse and protect your spirit and your life’s journey. A Salt Ceremony can also be a great way to set intentions and build connections with others, creating deep personal meeting for yourself and a small group. Here are some guidelines in doing your own ceremony. Remember, as always, there is no wrong way to do a ceremony. These tips are a way to get started, and then you can put together and then you can make it your own.

  1. Choose a bowl. Choose a bowl that you like, maybe it’s the size or the color, maybe it is salt which has special meaning. At any rate, choose something that feels good to you. When deciding on a size, think about what you would like to do with the bowl once the ceremony is complete. If you intend to keep it, then decide where you will place it and if you will have room.
  2. Choose a salt. Any salt will do., yes, even regular table salt. However, think about the texture and properties of table salt. If you like a coarser salt,then you might want kosher salt. If you like the color and meaning, you might choose Himalayan. For me, regular salt doesn’t have the same texture and feel as other salts. Sometimes it feels lifeless, and it is processed. Again, what are your intentions? If you like a more luxurious experience, try black sea salt, Himalayan salt, Japanese big flake salt.
  3. Choose items to add. Depending on the type of ceremony you are creating as to what objects to have attendees bring. Perhaps it is a cleansing ceremony. In that case, you can choose herbs like juniper berries, garlic, rosemary, or bay leaves for protection. Cloves and peppercorns are not only protective; they are also known to banish negative energy. Also, think about energy you want to call in and add your favorite essentials oils like lavendar for calm, balance for balance, frankencense for healing. One salt ceremony we decided to put intentions of what we’d like to bring in for our future and the future of the community collective. Each guest brought items that were personal to them, like shells, crystals, rocks, living plants, and even small toy like items. (We also added oils and herbs to make it extra extra special.)
  4. Speak your intentions. Have each participant stir the items together in the salt with their hands or fingers, speaking aloud your intentions. You might say, “May this salt cleanse my home, or may it protect me from negative energy.” “May I find peace and balance in my life.” For the collective, you can say, “May the world find harmony and rest.” As you slowly mix everything together, sense the energy from the salt and allow it to do its magic on you. You’ll find it to be very calming and sometimes brings you to an altered state.
  5. Set the bowl out. Put the bowl in a place where you can see it often and remember the intentions you placed in it. Feel free to add more as you go along. For me, it’s quite nice to reach in and just feel the salt in my hand and running it through my fingers. Relaxing.

Lastly, I want to say how deeply moving a ceremony like this can be. Think about what is possible to create and who the people you might want to surround yourself with to create this energy. In my own personal experience, this ceremony bonded our group together as sisters from around the world and grew as individually and as a group. We even set intentions for the world…wherever two or more are gathered…Mmmmm great things.

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My friend Marilyn Sorenson facilitating the ceremony in a most beautiful and sacred way. This is a great ceremony for bonding sisterhood.

View of the salt bowl from the top. Look at all the colors swirled around. This particular bowl has an amalgamation of all kinds of salt from ALL OVER THE WORLD, as well as rocks and crystals from around the world and herbs and oils. Truly a delicious bowl.

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