Did you know that in animal totems the hummingbird represents “enjoying the sweetest nectar of life?”

I have always had an affinity for hummingbirds. They seem magical and delicate and strong all at the same time. The summers bring hundreds of these birds to my sunflower garden each year.  I mesmerize myself in their enjoyment, and that is why Marie’s Gold has a hummingbird for a logo.

Growing up, hard work, and being busy was what we got acknowledged for. So, as a secretary and a teacher, I always kept busy, sometimes working 14 to 16-hour days! I thought about teaching in the shower when I sat down to eat, and even when I would crawl into bed! I forgot to turn my brain off.

As I got older and spent time with our kids, family, and grandkids, I realized life is meant for more. It is the moments of savoring which bring the most satisfaction.

What are ways we can savor? I’ve listed just a few below… 

Mealtime – When you are eating dinner, especially trying something new, slow down. Take a bite and notice the smells, the textures, the spicy or the sweet.  Really enjoy that deliciousness offered. (I must say, this is an extra special delight doing with chocolate!)

Nature – Go outside and again, focus on your senses.  Open your arms wide and put your face to the sun and really drink its energy in.  Look at the trees and flowers and animals and enjoy the mental pictures.  Delight in that squirrel scampering across the fence or the dog playing in the yard.

Gratitude – Studies say those who are most grateful are the happiest people.  Maybe it is because you are truly taking moments to realize all that you have.  How about those who support you and love you?  How about the wonderful food you have on the table or the roof over your head? It’s fun to play the game of trying to discover something new you haven’t taken the time to be grateful for…My personal preference is to play the gratitude game before I close my eyes at night – I send myself off to dreamland with a full heart and a smile on my face. 

Now that you have the gist, you can savor different parts of the hour, day, week, and so much more! Give these tips a try and note how your outlook starts to shift. Once you’ve got it down, there might just be another blog with a new “savoring” challenge for you to embrace… stay tuned, friends! 

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