I often get asked, what does it mean to be interfaith? In addition to in depth studies of each of the major religions of the world and many spiritual perspectives an Interfaith Minister:

Honors and embraces the wisdom of all faith traditions and spiritual perspectives to best serve the personal and collective spiritual needs of a growing “spiritual, but not religious” population in a wide range of community settings.

The mission of an interfaith minister is to be a compassionate liaison, brining people together in loving ways. We also act as a bridge where there is discord.

  • Trained in the world’s major religions
  • In service to people of all faiths and of no faith
  • Advocate for equality
  • Committed to celebrating life, spiritual awakenings and deeper meanings of life from the first breath to the last wish & everything in between.

It is my deepest honor to celebrate many paths one ocean while on my interfaith path.

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