As we look upon this day, the shortest day of the year, Winter Solstice, is when the sun is the farthest from us, know our ancestors have celebrated this in ceremony all over the world for centuries. With our human yearning for the light, mine especially, is so passionate that we have found a way to celebrate it in such a way as to call upon it, almost as if we are summoning its return.

What does winter offer? It is an opportunity to just be. No agenda. No “purpose.” Just enjoying the stillness and calm. Then, we are also given clarity by giving us a chance to ruminate on what would we like to plant for the coming new year? What is in our hearts? What do we want more of? Less of? What can we let go of to make room for more?

While I am a soul who constantly has her face to the sun, following its light and warmth, I recognize the beauty of the winter and what nature is teaching me as well – the sacred pause. We have worked diligently all year, planting and harvesting many ideas and projects. This pause allows us to rest from the busyness and intensiveness, and to reflect upon all that did and didn’t come to fruition. The pause also allows us to revel in just being and enjoying. I have come to treasure it.

A group of lovely ladies and I study the Wheel of the Year, following Mother Nature’s cycle to see what wisdom it offers us. Along with Winter Solstice, we can learn from a holiday called “Yule” and the gifts of darkness. Each turn of the wheel, called a “Sabbat,” we study from a book and sing songs and prepare a feast. For Yule, the traditional foods are meat pies and root vegetables, comfort kind of foods. And, we write down our prayers on little slips of paper and slip them onto the special Yule log we made which we burn in the fire.

Because fire festivals represent warm and comfort, transmuting negative energy, and embracing the energy of the glowing embers carrying forth our hopes and dreams, it is my favorite part.

Happy Winter SOULstice my friends. And may the New Year 2022, bring forth more and more for you and for our world. I, personally, will continue to wish for more love, more peace, good will to men. Bless you and bless the return of the light. Love, Marie (aka LuvRev)

Yule log with ready with prayers.
Prayers in the ethers

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