What does it mean to be positive in a world that is chaotic and at times, extremely negative? How could practicing being more positive impact your day, week, month, or year? I am here to tell you that it could not only change your life, but it could impact the lives of so many other people around you! Energy is contagious — people can feel our energy the minute we walk into a room. (Yes, even if it is a Zoom room!)  Practicing positivity can help de-stress and ground us, as well as help us cope with some of the changes thrown our way. 

I have an easy trick that can help you to start implementing positivity into your life!

By memorizing a positive word and repeating it to yourself throughout your day, you are re-training your brain to see the best in a situation. I think we can all agree when something goes wrong in our day, it is too easy to spiral into a negative mindset. Although negative thoughts tend to come easy, the opposite is true about overcoming them. If you have a positive word you can lean on in those tough situations, the chances of falling into a negative mindset are much lower. I used to use this practice with my students. Each day, we would gather in a circle and share the positive words we chose. I would challenge each of my students to “wear” the word they chose as if it were a piece of clothing on their body. For example, if you are “joy,” what does it look like? Is your attitude bouncy or light? Are you moving around or taking a more reserved approach? If you were to wear this word on the inside, what kind of self-love are you practicing? 

A great way to start practicing positivity is to pick your word, post it or write it on your mirror, and repeat it to yourself a few times. Your word will be a constant reminder every time you see it throughout the day to practice whatever it might mean to you. (You could also try setting your word as a phone or computer background to serve as a reminder when you are using those devices. The options are endless!) The main idea is to keep your positive word in the forefront of your mind. They help to remind us who we are when things get hard. External circumstances don’t define us, but our attitude toward them can. When things are not going our way, take a deep breath and focus on your word. As Tony Robbins said, “where energy goes, focus flows.” So, make an effort this week to bring positive energy into any situation you come across by implementing this tip. Watch as not only your mindset begins to change, but others around you tend to become more positive as well.

Stay tuned for more tips on positivity!

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