Adding Meaning.

Here is where I shine! I have knowledge of many types of ceremonies from all over the world.I interview you to see what you like/dislike, and then we create something just for you. Here are just a few common ones, but I have PLENTY MORE! Besides, they are versatile and we are creative, we can make these uniquely yours.

Unity Candles

Maybe you enjoy softness and intentional. There are unity candles where you show how each of you are strong individuals, and you come together in a united, intentional way as a team.


Handfasting is an older tradition that has come back in new and surprising ways. You can learn more about it HERE

Sand Art

This is a great way to include the kids or any family members that you want to be a part. Each person gets their own color and they take turns mixing the sand to create a unique piece. Find a special fun vase on line and mix your sand in that. Find out more HERE

Time Capsules

This is one of my favorites! It is a way to capture love letters, special notes and memorabilia from your relationship and put them in a unique box to open at a time when you need to have your energy pumped up, or a piece of advice or just to feel the love. More on time capsules HERE.


Oh my, let me tell you I have so many ways I have co-created ceremonies after getting to know the couple to help them find a unique way to celebrate their love and give them an anchoring piece of their relationship.

Let me be a part of your day. I would absolutely LOVE helping you make your day unique and special and VERY memorable. It’s my forte. Here is my number: (208) 284-3437. Happy wedding day! Marie♥ (aka LuvRev)

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