Calming exercises to bring you more peace.

CALM…like waves drifting on the ocean. Rest. Peace.

Do these words connect with you this year?  This year, more than ever, calm is the gift I would like to give myself. And while I am on my journey designing this life for me, I thought I would carry you along.  Here are a few things I have learned that help me center and reach a “zen-like” feeling, a rich calm and feeling of contentment.  Here are a few calming exercises I have successfully tried.  Enjoy!

Breathe.   Breathing is the number one way to calm.  This simple act reduces tension quickly because we are focusing on our breath and taking our mind off “crisis mode.” Take fully belly breaths and fill up your lungs.  The extra oxygen also helps us have more clear thoughts. Great thing to do in long lines at the store, in traffic, or anytime you feel your heart racing or blood pressure going up.

Yoga. What a great practice engaging more mind, body, spirit.  Yoga encourages me to focus on my breath, movement and posture.  When I am unable to do a pose quite as the yogi does, I am gentle with myself and know this mastery comes with practice.  10,000 times is what is said to achieve this.  Find a teacher who resonates with you and will take you to the next level.  Good news, there are so many great choices out there!

P  a  u  s  e.  The last five years or maybe more, I have come to use this practice often.  It saves me from overreacting in many situations. For example, I am in a disagreement with someone and both of our tempers are rising, if I take a pause and really take a look at what I am feeling and how I am reacting to the other person, I can recognize if it’s truly appropriate or not.  Most likely, it’s not.  I can take a moment to listen, to connect and to be compassionate.  What is it like to be in their shoes?   

A pause, a breath and an opening of my heart allows me to diffuse the situation and bring myself back to center. How am I choosing to act/react in this moment?  Is it appropriate or necessary?  Will it matter in the long run?  How often I found myself reacting in the moment and worrying or being upset over things that aren’t even important. 


Get creative.  Allowing yourself to create gets you to pause and focus.  Before you object that you aren’t creative, please note everyone is creative in their own way, far beyond the traditional drawing, writing, singing, and painting.  Maybe it’s planting a garden or working on putting together a motor or redecorating your home.  Anytime you can give your brain a project to work on which is open to possibility, that is creative!   I remember once where a math teacher told me she wasn’t creative, as we were standing in a house she had designed  every door, cabinet and room!  What’s YOUR way?

Drop into your body.  When you are in a difficult or uncomfortable situation, where do you feel the tension?  Are you holding your breath or tightening your jaw?  Notice where you might be holding your anger or difficult feelings and how that might be affecting your body. As you tighten and release, you will the calm flow.

Well my friends, these are just a few ways to bring more calm into your 2022.  Keep practicing them, 10,000 more times.  I will bring you a few more in the coming weeks, maybe even next week.  Happy New Year, and don’t forget to breath,  Keep Calm and carry on.  Love, Marie, (aka Luv Rev)


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