A wedding trend in Idaho the last two years has been elopements. What I have been told is that big weddings are stressful and expensive and generally tends to be not about the couple. Sneaking away for a private moment in an elopement, allows the couple privacy and intimacy, and the ability to say what is really on their hearts.

Many brides who have planned big weddings, in retrospect, have said an elopement would have been a better choice. All the time, planning and money caused so much stress and the focus was taken away from what really mattered, making a memory with their partner.

Where do I have an Elopement?

This is one of the biggest questions but it’s easily solved. Let me share some ways I have figured out, and know there are many more ways than are listed here!

Public Parks

If your wedding is summer or even early fall, the park is a great place to have a wedding. I’ve researched several lesser known parks. The area is already cultivated and looks nice. The trickiest part is when will there be less people or at least not an overwhelming amount of people? Even that can be figured out. Choose an off day during the week; or, if you have a few out of town people and you wait for the weekend, do it early on a Saturday morning or Sunday. (A lot of people go to Sunday breakfast/lunch after church, and it’s a great time.) Even if there are people at the park already in the spot you want to have it, most everyone is so respectful, they make sure to help you out. Elopements are shorter and park attendees will feel it’s a minor inconvenience.

Tip #1: Scout. Often, couples will scout the day of the week and time they are considering and see how busy the park is during that time frame.

Tip #2: Community Calendars. Some of the bigger parks in Boise often have community events like fun runs and fundraisers. Usually, there is plenty of space for both! Check community events calendars!

Tip #3: A couple of recommendations. If you are in Boise looking for recommendations, Julia Davis park near the Zoo seems to have some pockets along the river that are nice. You can even rent the Pavillion or the Rose Garden from the City, if you want a specific place marked off.

Marianne Williams Park is fairly new and super quiet. It is also super affordable if you would like to rent the Pavillion or the gazebo, it’s about $200 for each for the entire day! If that’s not your style, and it’s just the two of you, there are many great spots nearby that offer shade,as well as privacy.

There are a few parks in Meridian and Kuna as well. There is even space along the creek in Kuna. (And yes, there are pockets of beauty and privacy there too!)

Tip #3. Hire a Professional! My job is to make your day special! I will go out of my way to do so. I know Idaho and I know places all along the Treasure Valley and a few in McCall area.


Many people have access to someone in their lives who has a beautiful garden or a nice backyard wedding.

Living rooms. I have done several weddings in the comfort of your own living room. People will set up candles and buy flowers and invite two or three friends and have a charcuterie board afterwards. It’s cozy and intimate.

Golf Courses:

This is also a hidden gem. Golf courses have to keep up their grounds year round, and if the weather is good, it’s perfect for an outdoor wedding. However, they usually have nice amenities for big parties as well. Most places can hold between 50-100 people easily, and they have catering services.

Restaurants & Unique Places

Many restaurants have capabilities of holding small weddings in their conference room or business room. AND…food services are right there!

There are non-traditional places we might have even thought of! One wedding I did was at an Axe Throwing place! The wedding party was THRILLED, there was a fun activity after the ceremony. Let’s face it, the couple was super excited too.

Maybe you just haven’t thought of the place yet.


Elopements are a simple, intimate way to include those special people you know will support you and advise you and be by your side not only at your wedding. They will be at your marriage too.

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