I love, love, love the Sun! It rejuvenates me and fills me with so much energy and good vibes, so it is no wonder that the Summer Solstice is one of my favorite things to celebrate. It is the longest daylight and the shortest night. My question is: Who doesn’t want more sun?

I have written a lot about this summer solstice. I will refer you to one here.

For this, I thought I would tell you how my friends and I celebrated this year.

Always for foods from the festivals of the year, we put together seasonal favorites. Because it is summer, the heigth of the fresh goodies, we went with several salads, and a lot of lemon goodies. We share a meal, and then one of us will share education on what thix particular festival is about including foods, symbols, and specific traditions. There are many great books like

Next, we created a fire circle and included a salt ceremony, passing a bowl of salt around for each person to put in our gratitude and intentions for this season.

Then, we had impromptu chanting and singing, finding songs that were happy and joyful and intentional. We added percussion instruments to our voices like drums, maracas, chimes, etc.

There is no wrong way to celebrate, mostly it is about taking the time to celebrate all the bounty and goodness we have received and to keep our thoughts on joy and gratitude.


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