A wedding trend in Idaho the last two years has been elopements. What I have been told is that big weddings are stressful and expensive and generally tends to be not about the couple. Sneaking away for a private moment in an elopement, allows the couple privacy and...

Personal Wedding Vows

Should you have personal wedding vows? What are the pros and cons of creating your own personal vows? Today we will explore this so you can make a great decision for yourselves as a couple. In the last few years, many couples have moved away from traditional vows to...

A House Clearing -Bring More Love Into a Space

A House Clearing Recently I was asked to do a house clearing, and it was a uniquely special event I wanted to share because it is work I am meant to do! A dark entity had settled into a home and wouldn't go away, causing great angst, panic and fear, resulting in many...

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice

I love, love, love the Sun! It rejuvenates me and fills me with so much energy and good vibes, so it is no wonder that the Summer Solstice is one of my favorite things to celebrate. It is the longest daylight and the shortest night. My question is: Who doesn't want...

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